The story, as ever was I needed to pick up some soya milk on the way back from gymnastics, but I got massively enticed into trawling through every aisle looking for something delicious and thought I may as well buy ALL THIS STUFF! I should have know I wasn’t gonna have a light journey back as soon as I decided to pick up one of them draggy baskets you get when you can’t be arsed carrying a basket, but it worked in my favour as I didn’t know so much stuff was vegan friendly.

I usually don’t shop at Lidl. I usually stick to Aldi cause the food is suuuuch good quality and I will do a post as well on my vegan Aldi finds but Lidl really has gone up in my stats of supermarket choice so I’m going to share with you some of the items I picked up that wouldn’t necessarily strike you as vegan friendly straight away.


1. Jus-Rol Cinnamon Swirls

As you probably already know, Lidl does sell some branded foods but at a fraction of the full retail price. A lot of Jus-Rol’s Bake-it-Fresh range I’ve noticed so far to all be vegan. I have already tried the pain au chocolat and croissants which are both vegan (yay) and I just know these will be just as good.
These are great because it’s baking without the fuss and they are SOOO easy to make. They come pretty much ready cut and the instructions on the back tell you exactly how to roll them up. They do usually come out quite small so I’d always make 2 at a time for one serving.
I can’t wait to try these with some leftover pumpkin flavour icing from the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls the last time I was in New York which are basically cooked the same but unfortunately only available in the US. FYI, highly recommend.

Jus-Rol 6 Cinnamon Swirls


2. Milbona Soja Milk

Ah, the culprit of the rest of the foods, okay so we all know it’s vegan, but it’s really good to see this in Lidl as 6 months ago they didn’t have anything remotely resembling a plant based alternative and this 1 litre carton cost just 59p! I also like this one as it has added calcium so no-one can say vegans don’t get enough. I got the sweetened version because I like to use it for smoothies and hot drinks without having to use a sweetener, but there is also an unsweetened version for those of you who aren’t as sweet-toothed as me.

Soya Milk – Sweetened


3. Fin Carre Dark Chocolate

So sorry for the blurry photo but you get the jist. I have to buy so many of these because I get through them so quick. Great on it’s own or I looooove to melt this with about a teaspoon of coconut oil and use it to dip fruits into. Try it with fresh strawberries, you will not be disappointed, I promise! I have also used this in cooking and it tends to hold well and best of all it’s only 30p per bar! Lidl also has a great range of vegan dark chocolate with ginger, chilli etc. But be careful when buying dark chocolate as a lot of bars do still have milk products in them.

I always find that dark chocolate can be really expensive so stock up on these as they keep for a long time and they are good for your heart after all.

Dark Chocolate


4. Dark Chocolate Chips

Found in the baking section, another dark chocolate gem of a product that I couldn’t live without. I can’t wait to bake these into a batch of vegan cookies or brownies, and the whole bag was only 55p. When baked, they don’t taste as bitter as raw dark chocolate so they really are just as good as ‘normal’ cookies.

Dark Chocolate Chips


5. Frozen Banana Fritters

I. Could. Not. BELIEVE these were vegan. I checked twice, I couldn’t believe my luck. I haven’t had banana fritters for years so I decided to pick up a box of these.

I’m not sure whether they are a limited edition product with it being the start of the Chinese New Year today or if they are here to stay but at £1.99 a box, you can’t miss out on these.

They also had the same brand of pineapple fritters, but I just prefer banana but if anyone’s tried the pineapple version, let me know how they are. I can’t wait to try these piping hot with a (generous) scoop of vegan ice cream…

Frozen Banana Fritters


6. Frozen Mixed Berries

Okay, so another typically obviously vegan buy but I thought I’d add it in because it is such good value. This is a huge 750g bag, whereas usually I’ve only seen bags of around 300g going for about £2 anyway whereas this bag with more than double the weight was just £2.39!

I always like to keep some frozen fruit in the freezer for easy, quick smoothies. It saves all the fuss of chopping off stalks and pitting stones, you can just grab a handful, pop it in the blender with some soya milk, a banana and there you have it.

There was also bags of the same weight of just strawberries or raspberries which is even better value for money when you consider the cost of a punnet of those berries, as this bag includes grapes which are a little bit cheaper, but I do like the variety there straight away. Why not buy all the bags and mix and match as you please and as they stay in the freezer, they’ll essentially never go bad.

I have bought a similar product before from Aldi, but it didn’t have strawberries or raspberries in there so I think this may have even beaten an Aldi favourite of mine!

Frozen Mixed Berries

7. Maple and Pecan Crisp Cereal

This cereal is ah-mazing. It’s sweetened with maple syrup so no honey in this one whereas my normal Aldi favourites mostly do have honey added in, so again I think this may have been a lidl win (pun definitely intended).

This whole box only cost £1.19 as well so an absolute bargain.

Serve with your favourite plant based milk or dairy free yoghurt and top with fruit for lovely satisfying breakfast that is healthier (or more instagramable) than coco pops.

Maple and Pecan Crisp Cereal


8. Apple Strudel 

Some of the more seasoned vegans will know most apple strudels are vegan friendly but this one nearly won an award guys! This will provide about 8 servings (4 if you’re like me), and only cost 89p.

I like to serve this with vegan custard (usually Alpro ready made custard but if not my trusty Birds Eye Instant Custard Powder). By the way, I’ve burned so many of these so keep an eye on the over cause hot fruit will burn quick.

Frozen Apple Strudel


9. Garlic Bread

Yay, my favourite food! I eat garlic bread with everything but nothing can beat garlic bread and pasta with a tomato based sauce. If you’re a new vegan and struggling to give up cheese with this Italian basic, scoop up your pasta with the slices and see how quickly you forget about cheese. Either that or grate on my favourite vegan cheese, Violife and enjoy as you normally would.

Wherever you are shopping, always look out for the cheap basic range of garlic breads. I usually get them from Aldi (also vegan) and had no idea I had these closer to home so it will be interesting to see how they fair to my current favourite baguettes. These are also just 34p so 2p cheaper than Aldi as well.

I always buy multiple and freeze them so they last a while until I’m ready to eat them.

Chilled Garlic Bread


I bought all of this along with my usually fruit and veg stock up, some cleaning products and other basics and all I spent was £11. Seriously. £11 for all this food! Don’t turn your nose up at Lidl because these were amazing finds and there was so much more I could have done a full shop but had to refrain. All it takes is a bit of searching and you never know what gems you will find and it will always be cheaper than your local Tesco Express so make the journey and see what you discover.

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