Lunch at CaffeEsprt

Happy belated Valentine’s Day to all you lovely couples out there. I hope you were lucky enough to spend the day together and if you’re single, I hope you had the best night in with your girls with plenty of wine and snacks.

Me and Tom have spent 5 Valentines days together so we decided to make this one special and spend a few days in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. I actually have just returned from performing on the Voice of Holland as a dancer for Bebe Rexha so going back two days later was such a treat as I had a vague knowledge of a bit of the city and already knew a few places to go.

I noticed that there seemed to be more tourists than Dutch people in Amsterdam and I feel that the city has become so much more popular in recent years and locals were explaining how they don’t really have a low-season anymore as the town is appealing all times of year. We went in February and it was cooooold. On my first visit it snowed and returning with Tom, it was a little warmer but you still don’t want to be packing those shorts just yet.

On day 1, (Valentines Day!) we started the day with breakfast and ha cheeky visit to the sex museum whichever i highly recommend. Enterance costs just €4 and there was no queue to have to wait in. Then we wandered over to the red light district and visited the museum of prostitution. Only €8.50 and was mad intriguing. For dinner, we had a winning veggie burger with mushrooms and chips at The Grasshopper pub near the Centraal Station overlooking a canal. The night finished at the hotel with hot cups of tea by the fire in our hotel, The Urban Lodge which was only a bus ride away from main Amsterdam but it’s cheap to stay there and those chills by the fire were incredible.

On day 2, we went to some trainer spots, Sneaker District, Seventy5 and SoleBox were some of the best where we saw some of the rarer editions, before grabbing THE most amazing vegan lunch at CaffeESPRT. I have no idea if it’s a chain or there is just one in Amsterdam, but if you get the opportunity to visit, GO!

This cafe turns into a different restaurant with a different menu after 6pm with vegan pizza, risotto and raw options. We both had THE most delicious vegan lasagne on the daytime menu with sweet potato and veg and delicious, I mean really fricking delicious potato wedges. The meal cost €15 and we topped it with again the best raw vegan cheesecake. We had the Berry Brownie flavour. It was so good, I wanted to cry. I’m so prepared to book another flight just to eat here again.

we had a look at another vegan restaurant which was on one of the sides streets called TerraZen but we decided not to eat here. I’ve heard very good things about the food, it’s a mix of Caribbean and Japanese and the menu seemed interesting but the interior for me was unappealing so we decided to try elsewhere.

At the end of the day, we went to the Anne Frank House and even just two hours before closing time; the queue was round the corner. You can get tickets online but since we booked so late, they had already been all snapped up so we had to wait in the queue for an hour. It was worth the wait though, and if you are in Amsterdam, make sure you don’t miss out on visiting. the museum is truly touching and being inside the house really brings all those feelings home and you can place yourself in that position for a short time. I’m really regretting not buying the book at the end so I’m definitely gonna get one ordered. If anyone’s read it, let me know how you got on with that.

The last place we visited before we left which turned out we ended up there daily was the Maoz Falafel chain which was delicious and all vegetarian, not all vegan as some of the sauces contain animal product so just ask staff which is suitable. You can have falafel with fried aubergine which is a personal favourite of mine and you can add unlimited salad toppings.

Take a look at these babies!! I didn’t get a chance to post them in the original post because Tom got me them for my birthday but LOOK AT THEM! 

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