So I’ve been away from this for a little while. I would say I’ve been really busy, but in fact, I’ve been binging Netflix for a long time! GUILTY.

But I’ve had this performance locked off in my diary for a while and I was counting down the days even just for rehearsals and I’ve honestly had the best time so I wanted to share my experience on here.

I’ve been working with American living artist, Bebe Rexha for just over a year now and she’s been one of the friendliest, hard working artists I have ever met. We have done shows at GAY in London, V Festival, The Voice in Holland and various other live European festivals. This performance was a free concert that was supporting Justin Bieber’s purpose tour in an outdoor arena called Autism Rocks Arena which is basically a huge stadium in the middle of the desert.

After a 6 hour flight from Gatwick to Dubai, the heat, even at night was lovely. The promoters drove us an hour from the airport to hotel and the hotel was incredible. It was a part of the new Dubai Parks & Resorts and we stayed at the Lapita hotel. We got ridiculously lucky with where we stayed. The rooms were grand to say the least, with queen sized beds, flatscreen TV’s and complimentary snacks which I was all over. And it wasn’t just the rooms, there were 3 pools, a lazy river, 4 restaurants and bars, gym and dance studio. If you get the chance to stay there, I’d definitely recommend it. Whilst we were there, they were building a Six Flags Theme Park right next door due to open in 2018, so definitely one of the best resorts to stay at.

The stage was a huge festival style stage which led down a catwalk to a further B stage, where the band were all set up and there was also a further catwalk leading to a small stage which was in the middle of the audience. Our tech run was at 11am, just before the hottest part of the day and with it being outdoors with no real shade, we ended up rehearsing in 38 degree heat. The promoters provided us with Factor 50 suncream, frozen towels and ice water, but despite this, the heat was unbearable. Thankfully, we got the whole staging and tech process done in 2 hours so we luckily didn’t get burnt, and then we had some time before the show, to get some lunch from catering and chill out for a few hours.

We were driven back to the hotel after our tech, where we got to spend some quality time by the pool in our swimsuits before getting ready to perform in the evening.

Bebe is such a character to perform with and she loves to switch up the set on stage and she really keeps us on our toes. The show went really well and we got some great footage and made some great memories as a team. After the set, we got to go to watch Bebe’s second performance at White Dubai, which is a rooftop, outdoor club. For this one, she had the club dancers as it was too short notice for us to perform again but watching the boss do what she does best from the audience with a glass of wine, couldn’t complain really.

18156914_10212597666594056_8059273142661623792_n (2).jpg18199288_10212597666034042_6216327917674901211_n (2).jpg18195138_10212597664954015_4131847392903527078_n (2).jpg18199251_10212597665234022_2744575015686390315_n (2).jpg18194968_10212597664754010_1713023402490890303_n (2).jpg

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