You know that feeling of sudden motivation? Like you’ve struck gold and come up with that quick-fix, life altering, solves all life’s problems idea. The idea that means you can leave your job and finally get to live the life you dreamt of. But then, you realise the work you have to put in. And actually, this idealistic lifestyle you’re imagining would take years to achieve which makes you think, “What is the point?” You’re not alone. All humans do this. We separate in our minds our dreams from our goals and focus on the thoughts we label as goals. Why? Because we have decided that they’re more achievable. Because we don’t want to fail. Because wouldn’t it feel less awful if we didn’t manage to squeeze in a 5k jog before breakfast (or, you know, maybe some lazier goals like put pants on today) than didn’t manage to quit the day job and become a millionaire selling our own clothing line next to Givenchy on the shelves. And think of the effort! Where do you even start? Well, I’m here to tell you, kids, that everyone has to start somewhere. Take a second and think what you have achieved so far?

My example to you will be my dancing. I began at a late age for a dancer. I was 15 years old when I started going to my local dance studio. Once a week, I went to learn choreography from a teacher who didn’t care and quite frankly, had barely anything to offer. I wasn’t improving. I could have taken that and thought, well, that didn’t work out, or I could keep trying and experimenting with different classes and travelling to get better quality training & better opportunities, which is exactly what I did. (I’m gonna save the full story about the journey for another post otherwise I’ll ramble on and on) But here I am now. I have moved to London and I now get paid to do what I love to do! It took 5 years before I got a paid job, and even longer to get anything decent. But now I am fulfilling my dreams that I had decided on in school, while all my classmates were preparing themselves for a life of working for someone else, and living for the 4 week holiday pay benefits of having a ‘real job’. Don’t get me wrong, that lifestyle is fine for some people, but it doesn’t mean that it’s fine for everyone, which is why our societies version of ‘normal’ is just one of the many versions of ‘normal’ that there is out there for which you can live your life and that we should all know about. Thankfully, this generation seems to have more of a be-your-own-boss attitude, and prioritise enjoying life more than having a safety net job you’re miserable in.

So why not take the first leap?

“If everyone waited to become an expert before starting, no one would become an expert. To become an EXPERT, you must have EXPERIENCE. To get EXPERIENCE, you must EXPERIMENT! Stop waiting. Start stuff.”
― Richie Norton

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Tiffany & Co Silver Infinity Ring
Pandora Princess Tiara Ring
Pandora March Birthstone Ring

My Own Experience With Starting New

For most of my life, I have enjoyed reading, whether that be blogs, magazines or books. And when I was younger, I was great at writing stories on my mum’s Year 2000 desktop computer. But, I gave it up as I got older and lazier & started to develop a need to have a ‘point’ to everything I was doing. We can all relate, I’m sure. I have wanted to be a blogger for a long time, but when I thought of everything that would mean having to do, I thought, Nah. But the only thing that was holding me back was me. Yes, I have a LOT to learn, but I’m not going to know if I am or am not good at something without trying. So I thought, let’s get the ball rolling.

I had some ideas of things I wanted to write about. I’m vegan, so I wanted a platform to promote a healthy vegan lifestyle as well as writing about the things I like. In reality, I wanted my blog to be a reflection of me, so I bought a domain and picked a theme I liked and went with it. Since then, I updated the theme and made a header myself on Canva. (Really great website for DIY Graphic Design)

Right now, I think my pictures suck because I’m only using my crappy iPhone 5s camera and I do want to do it properly. So, I’m looking at buying a camera that will make my photos higher quality and learning about different lighting, angles etc by working with different photographers on a TFP basis. This basically means modelling for photographers for free for their portfolio and in return, you can also use the photos for your own use. Little things like this do help me a lot, because I’m too old to go to college to do my A-Levels and I don’t have money for a course. But it’s great to follow a photographer, help him/her out by by modelling for them on their own projects, plus I get to bug them with a million questions for free at the same time.

Once I have more photography experience, I want to spend more time putting together outfits and incorporate some great vegan brands. This excites me because I have some great clothes hiding away and I enjoy promoting veganism in all aspects of life.
Right now, I am pretty bad at a lot of this blogging stuff, as I am unfamiliar with WordPress and photography and ‘niche-ing’ but I’m learning as I go along and hopefully one day, I’ll look back on this post and realise it was all worth it, because I proved to myself a long time ago that I CAN do anything I put my mind to. That is why I’m removing the fear of starting something new from my brain and instead jumping in and see where it takes me.

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Paperchase – Dream It Goals Journal
Thierry Mugler Angel Refillable Eau De Parfum
Nars Nail Polish – Night Breed
Ikea Bedding – Skorpil

I recently bought this cute goals journal from Paperchase, which I’m absolutely loving. I got it because I can write my goals and the date that I set them, along with what inspires me to reach this goal. Once I have something down on paper, it helps remind me to be working towards my goals every day and in my mind makes it more ‘official’. I can’t wait to go back on them in time and tick them off when I reach them.


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  1. Oh, I love your blog!I just stumbled upon it, and I love it!It’s so relatable and helpful.Love your writing style too!Keep writing, and I’d love for you to check my blog out too<3


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